It is imperative for a continental tourism organization like African Tourism Board to disseminate its information promptly but with consciousness and all sense of responsibility, reliability and accountability. It does, as a matter of priority deploy the primus inter pares platform to achieve that objective.

Definitely, such a platform is THE ATB NEWS – a multi-coloured, top-notch layout, qualitative and quantitative digital magazine that comes out bi-monthly, covering happenings about ATB and its stakeholders – Ambassadors, Executives and Members across all the regions of Africa and definitely beyond.

The ATB News aims at delivering an excellent reportage of tourists’ engagements and showcasing, pristine and per excellence tourism destinations prevalent across the 54 African States with a mindset of amplifying and marketing these continental treasures to the global community and ultimately to changing those erroneous narratives about Africa to aceeptable ones thereby forging the continent to becoming the numéro uno destination for anything tourism, MICE and business.

Your tourism business however, won’t be better for it without a feature in The ATB News, simply, it’s poised at helping to reposition various businesses and also supporting the tourism recovery endeavours being promulgated by the African Tourism Board.

This is a bigger platform that everyone within the tourism space across the continent must rally round and support in terms of patronage in all sense if it.

We however promise you of our inexorable availability when due, for a great perusal experience of the beauty to behold, The ATB News magazine.

KARIBU!…Happy Reading