Membership Criteria

                                                                                                Company/ Organization/ Association Membership Criteria

Membership to the ATB (African Tourism Board) shall be granted to all Company/ Organization/ Association who qualify, based on the following criteria:

  1. No history of bankruptcy, fraud or similar breaches for the last three years.
  2. Be in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations and be duly qualified and licensed to do business in each applicant company’s jurisdiction.
  3. New applications for Company/ Organization/ Association Membership must be approved by the ATB Board of Directors.

To apply as a Company/ Organization/ Association member should follow the following,

Membership acceptance is subject to approval by the ATB Board of Directors.


Privileges and Benefits of ATB Membership:

What does ATB do?

  1. Representation with Governments and regulatory bodies at all levels, in Africa and internationally.
  2. Retail trade interaction and input.
  3. Quarterly updates on pertinent issues and matters of interest.
  4. Educational symposiums and opportunities offered to all members.
  5. ATB Red alert contact in Emergencies.
  6. Crisis co-ordination and Public Relations voice in emergency situations, allowing operators to act confidently in a measured, concerted manner for the benefit of their passengers.
  7. Organizational profile, service contact detail publicity.
  8. ATB Logo recognition and use on published materials. Partners must include and utilize the ‘membership’ designation subscribed under the ATB logo for their published material.
  9. Networking opportunities with key industry colleagues and partners, within the most representative and significant organization of professional tourism stakeholders in Africa and internationally

10. Listing and identification on Association website, with direct links to each Member’s own website(s).

Members have equal voting privileges. One Member = One Vote.

ATB Membership application form