African Tourism Board and Roscongress Foundation advance on sustainable tourism development between Africa and Russia


The African Tourism Board (ATB) and Roscongress Foundation have recently formalized a significant Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen collaboration and advance sustainable tourism development between Russia and Africa. This noteworthy event occurred during the Africa Russia Business Forum, with distinguished delegates from both regions in attendance.

Key Goals of the MoU:

  • Enhance Cultural Exchange and Understanding: Promote deeper cultural ties between Russia and Africa to encourage mutual respect and appreciation through tourism.
  • Promote Mutual Tourism Investment Opportunities: Establish and publicize investment prospects in the tourism sectors of Russia and Africa.
  • Develop Joint Tourism Projects and Initiatives: Strategize and execute collaborative tourism projects for the benefit of both regions.
  • Share Best Practices and Expertise: Exchange knowledge and expertise to improve tourism practices and policies.
  • Foster People-to-People Diplomacy: Strengthen personal and professional relationships between the citizens of Russia and Africa through tourism initiatives.

Simphiwe Cuthbert Ncube, Executive Chairman of the African Tourism Board, remarked, “This partnership marks a significant milestone in uniting Africa and Russia through tourism and investment. We are excited about the potential of this collaboration to drive economic growth, create jobs, and enhance cultural exchange. Together, we can make remarkable advancements for our continents and contribute to global economic progress.”

The ATB and their Russian counterparts will establish a joint committee to ensure the effective implementation of the MoU’s objectives, focusing on creating a strong foundation for ongoing cooperation. Simphiwe Cuthbert Ncube highlighted, “This partnership paves the way for a new chapter of tourism collaboration between Africa and Russia, fostering economic growth, job opportunities, and cultural exchange, unlocking new possibilities for a more interconnected and prosperous world.”

The African Tourism Board is committed to promoting sustainable tourism development and building international relationships that enhance the socio-economic prosperity of African nations. This significant agreement with Russian Tourism reinforces the ATB’s dedication to bridging continents and nurturing a dynamic and inclusive global tourism sector.

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