Hon. Bartlett Invites Investors to Invest in Jamaica at FITUR ’23

Hon. Edmund Bartlett, Minister of Tourism Jamaica and his strong team have met with tourism investors in Madrid at the ongoing FITUR, inviting them to consider investing in his country.

This is inline with the commitment and drive towards opening up the island nation to the global market in terms of investment and general multilateral partnership with other countries.

Hon. Edmund Bartlett and his team discussing with investors at FITUR 2023 in Madrid

Part of the plans are ; to have about 2000 houses for workers, 9000 new hotel Rooms, commitment for investment in agriculture and fisheries, also manufacturing and tourism supplies.

The government is also looking into pension, training and more opportunities for Jamaican skilled workers.

The beautiful island nation is also planning an Afro-Carreabean Tourism Summit that is billed to take place next month in Jamaica.

Definitely destination Jamaica is on a stronger recovery and more inclusive, leaving no one behind.

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  • Stafford Robinson

    Thanks Minister Bartlett for this visionary approach to not only the development of the Jamaican Tourism product but also towards development of its people and its infrastructure.
    This bodes well for the advancement of our people and our nation in the increasingly challenging world environment.


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