African Fashion and Culture : South Africa Meets Ethiopia

Every African woman is a Queen, and when one Amb. Hiwotie Amberbir, representing Ethiopia within the African Tourism Board space appears in a South African apparel, exhibiting Africa’s diverse cultural prowess by indulging in the Xhosa outfit, then it reveals to any discerning mind that the future of Africa is in our culture.

Then the question might sound like this, what can truly join us together as one? and the response would be, what else, if not our culture, and our heritage by large extent which can glue and connect the continent as a one big family beyond our imagination, a communalism in its true sense of it.

ATB Chairman, Hon. Cuthbert Ncube being received by Amb. Hiwotie Amberbir in Xhosa’s attire in Addis Ababa

Culture is interwoven in our
tourism, and it has been the driver of unity and peace among us, bringing people, freinds and strangers together, creating a beautiful atmosphere that retain smiles a little boy or girl in the most rural communities, that’s the richness tourism ushers in.

African Tourism Board, being at the forefront of promoting African culture, and by encouraging community based tourism practices with much emphasis on purely continental appreciation, thereby marketing our destinations through the prowess of our culture and heritages.

Perhaps, emulating from success stories of some Member States that have succeeded in developing their destinations with pronounced mileage and so much advantages, with so much more to be offered to the world from the African culture.

The continent is gradually gaining momentum as the bastion of cultural attraction through tourism to the global community.

By the way, ATB has been warmly received, once again in the “Land of Origins” , Ethiopia.

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