Dr. Cuthbert Ncube calls Africa to Action as Africa-Russia strengthen ties at the Let’s Travel! Russia Tourism Summit 2024.

The Africa-Russia Business Dialogue that took place in VNDK Moscow, in conjunction with the Russian Travel Summit 2024 is one of the most attended expos in the world that brings all the Regions of Russia under one roof in show casing their diversity in unison and opportunities that each Region present. The event has also been a platform for fostering collaboration and partnerships between African and Russian stakeholders in the tourism industry.

During the Africa-Russia Business Dialogue, Dr. Cuthbert Ncube delivered a compelling Call to Action that emphasized the importance of strengthening ties between the African and Russian tourism sectors. He highlighted the immense potential for collaboration and growth in tourism between the two regions, citing the rich cultural heritage, diverse landscapes, and unique experiences that Africa has to offer.

Dr. Ncube underscored the need for increased investment, infrastructure development, and sustainable tourism practices to drive economic growth and create opportunities for job creation in both Africa and Russia. He emphasized the importance of fostering mutual understanding, promoting cultural exchange, and leveraging technology to enhance the visitor experience and facilitate seamless travel between the two continents.

Key Points of the Call to Action:

1. Promoting Sustainable Tourism: Dr. Ncube stressed the importance of promoting sustainable practices in tourism to preserve Africa’s natural resources and protect its cultural heritage for future generations.

2. Enhancing Connectivity:  He called for improved air connectivity, visa facilitation, and travel infrastructure to make it easier for travelers to explore both Africa and Russia.

3. Cultural Exchange Programs: Dr. Ncube proposed the establishment of cultural exchange programs and initiatives to foster greater understanding and appreciation between African and Russian communities.

4. Investment Opportunities:He highlighted the vast investment opportunities in the tourism sector across Africa and invited Russian businesses to explore partnerships and collaborations with African counterparts.

Reflecting on the inspiring Call to Action by Dr. Cuthbert Ncube,  all stakeholders in the African tourism iindustry are encouraged to heed his words and take proactive steps to promote collaboration, sustainability, and innovation in the sector. The African Tourism Board remains committed to supporting these efforts and facilitating dialogue and partnerships that will drive the growth and development of tourism in Africa.




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