Confederation of Uganda Tourism Association (COUTA) Elects New President, Amb. Yewagnesh Biriggwa (Yogi)

In a move that signifies a significant milestone in the history of the Confederation of Uganda Tourism Association (COUTA), Ambassador Yewagnesh Biriggwa, popularly known as Yogi, has been elected as the new President. Yogi’s appointment is met with enthusiasm as she brings a wealth of experience and a fresh perspective to lead COUTA into a new era.

Ambassador Yewagnesh Biriggwa is poised to breathe new life into Uganda’s tourism sector, which holds vast potential for growth and development. Her vision for the future focuses on promoting sustainable tourism practices, fostering community involvement, and showcasing Uganda’s rich cultural heritage and natural beauty on a global stage. The election of Yogi is seen as a positive step towards revitalizing the tourism landscape of Uganda.

Stakeholders are optimistic about the impact of Yogi’s leadership, anticipating the introduction of new initiatives that will not only attract more visitors but also ensure that local communities benefit from the tourism industry. Under Yogi’s guidance, the tourism sector in Uganda is expected to undergo a transformative journey towards innovation and inclusivity.

As Uganda gains recognition as a top travel destination, the Confederation of Uganda Tourism Association, under the leadership of Yogi, is set to play a crucial role in shaping a dynamic and resilient tourism environment for the country. Collaborative efforts among government entities, private sector stakeholders, and international partners are anticipated to drive the growth and success of Uganda’s tourism industry under Yogi’s presidency.

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