Ramy Waheed Appointed Global Ambassador for African Tourism Board, Aims to Boost Malawi Tourism

The African Tourism Board has recently named Mr. Ramy Waheed as the Global Ambassador, signaling a significant move to elevate tourism prospects in Malawi. This decision underscores the board’s determination to spotlight Malawi as a premier tourism destination in Africa and beyond.

Ramy Waheed currently serves as the General Manager at Amaryllis Hotels. His role involves overseeing hotel operations, guest experiences, and strategic management. Amaryllis Hotels, located in Blantyre, Malawi, is a prominent hospitality establishment known for its commitment to quality service and promoting tourism in the region.

Renowned in the travel and tourism realm for his exploration of diverse cultures and natural wonders, Mr. Ramy Waheed is set to leverage his influence as a tourism expert to unveil hidden gems across various African nations. His appointment comes with a pivotal role in advocating for Malawi’s tourism sector on both regional and global platforms, with the aim of attracting travelers, investors, and stakeholders to discover the country’s rich cultural heritage, wildlife, and picturesque landscapes.

As the newly appointed Global Ambassador, Mr. Ramy Waheed will be focusing on key responsibilities including advocating for Malawi’s tourism sector, creating engaging content through videos, articles, and social media, and fostering collaborations with local tourism entities to promote sustainable tourism practices. His vision for Malawi encompasses showcasing the country’s beauty from the serene shores of Lake Malawi to the bustling markets of Lilongwe, all while encouraging responsible travel practices.

In an interview, Mr. Ramy Waheed expressed his excitement for the role, emphasizing his belief in Malawi’s untapped tourism potential. With his passion, creativity, and dedication, he is poised to make a lasting impact and enhance Malawi’s global tourism profile. The African Tourism Board anticipates positive outcomes for Malawi’s tourism industry as Mr. Ramy Waheed embarks on his ambassadorial journey, aiming to leave a mark and elevate the country’s status as a must-visit destination.

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