African Tourism Board Reviews Charter, Amends “Chairman” to “President” Among Other Restructuring

In its restructuring drive, the Board of Directors of African Tourism Board has amended the structure of its leadership by adding more roles for members to fill which aims at encouraging a wholesome participation by members.

This decision was taken by the Board recently at the Sheraton Hotel, in Kigali where the Board met and participated in the Rwanda Tourism Week 2022.

According to Article (19) of the ATB Charter, the new structure now stipulates that the “Executive Chairman” of the organisation Mr. Cuthbert Ncube will now be referred to as the “Executive President”.

Also, added is the positions of Vice President, Secretary General, Assistant Secretary-General, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Director of Public Relations, Media, Communications and Marketing.

The Charter further made provisions to increase members of Patrons/Matrons, making it possible to appoint four (4) other Patrons/Matrons to join our Patron, Dr. Taleb Rifai.

Hon. Cuthbert Ncube, the President, African Tourism Board in Kigali

The amended Charter also made provision for the Advisory Board which will consist of six individuals that would advise the organization.

Having understood how diverse the continent is, and in order to comply with the current reality, the Board decided to have a continental outlook of which it is by making provisions for the establishment of Regional Representatives to cover the five regions of Africa, namely – South, West, East, Central and North African Regions.

Lastly, the Board also created in the Charter room for the establishment of six Commissions to be headed by Commissioners who will work with two Rappotteurs each.

According to the Board members, it is believe that the ongoing restructuring would accelerate the organization to meeting up with the global best practices as the tourism sector settles into a new frontier post Covid-19.

The Board has however set up a Committee to receive and select the best among Members through application to fill relevant positions once they meet up with the requirements.

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