Festival International du Porto Novo 2023 Opens in Grandstyle

Destination Porto Novo, Benin Republic has opened its annual Festival International du Porto Novo, (FIP2023) in a grandstyle.

The opening took place on the 9th January at the Stade de Gaulle, Porto Novo, the cultural capital of Benin Republic where various dignitaries, tourists within and outside were in attendance.

The Mayor of Porto Novo City, Mr. Charlemagne YANKOTY while declaring the event open in his speech, expressed the importance of the festival saying it was a wise decision for his administration with the support of the President, His Excellency, Patrice Talon to take into congnisance the power of Culture.

Oh her part, the Prefect who oversees Porto Novo and other adjoining cities also showed her admiration to the great people of Porto and made an announcement about the intention of her Principal, President Talon to build a befitting Museum in Porto Novo.

Mr. Charlemagne YANKOTY, Mayor of Porto-Novo City Council speaking at the opening ceremony in Porto Novo

Lastly, the representative of the Minister of Tourism, Culture and Arts, Benin Republic, Mr. Jean Michel Abimbola also showed his delight at the great initiatives from Porto Novo which aims at showcasing the cultural potential of the people of Benin in general.

Mayor YANKOTY as well as the Prefect and the representative of the tourism Minister signaled the opening through the beating of an African bell.

Mr. Charlemagne YANKOTY, beating the bell along side the Prefect and the Representative of the Minister of Tourism at the opening ceremony of FIP2023 in Porto Novo.

Also, the Mayor performed a touch bearing assignment by lighting up the lantern to usher in the festival.

The 6th edition of FIP was opened in a beautiful setting with a great ambience of Porto Novo where a very interesting stage drama was held dipicting the history of Benin people during the colonial era.

Other dignitaries in attendance at the opening ceremony.

One of the dignitaries at the event was ATB’s Ambassador Dine Bouraima, the President, Consortium Touristes Par Millions Au Benin whose organization is partnering FIP2023, also expressed his personal and organizational delight at the event which he described as a moment in history to express the cultural nature of the great people of Porto-Novo which happens to be his hometown.

He had earlier paid a working visit to Mr. Charlemagne YANKOTY, the Mayor of Porto-Novo in his office with the CTM-Benin team where he promised to support the event in line with the partnership understanding with the FIP2023 organisers.

The opening ceremony ended with a charged atmosphere of beauty and a sense of grandeur, indicating a great week of wonderful activities to follow in the enchanting destination Porto Novo.


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