Waverley Hills Organic Winery Rebrands with New Ownership

The renowned and award winning Waverley Hills Organic Wine Farm has announced the start of a brand new era under a new management.

Waverley Hills Wine farm is most definitely one of Cape Town’s hidden gems, situated in the heart of Wolseley and nestled between Tulbagh and Ceres with breath-taking views and surrounded by mountains. 

This estate winery was established by the Du Toit family and has received multiple awards for their prestigious organic wine. For the last 20 years they succeeded to cultivate a superior organic brand.

The Wine Estate has revealed the new owners today, Beverage Network SA. The skills and experience that they will be investing is a considerable and significant asset to the farm, the wine and tourism industry.

“Waverley Hills established a combination of esteemed wines, long-held family business values and innovative developments to one of the world’s most renowned wine production regions of the Western Cape, and we are extremely proud to share their stories and rich history.” said Kershan Moodley, Operations Director of Beverage Network South-Africa.

The aspirations of the new owners are also very clear, “With such exceptional vineyards we are confident that we will continue to craft exceptional wines in the coming years… “Waverley Hills is a special place, and we will spare no expense to ensure that we bring it to its full potential”.

“We are honored to carry on a legacy of world class organic wine production and look forward to introducing Waverley Hills into the national and International Tourism sector” said Managing Director and SA Tourism Specialist, Lynnqwinda Scott 

They will put a lot of effort into creating an intriguing and inviting winery experience for wine enthusiasts traveling from all over the world. 

Organic wine is not the only attraction. Waverley Hills has risen to prominence in the local wedding and international scene in recent years and is now ready to romance a new generation.

Couples can also look forward to saying “I do” at the very well-known wedding and function venue, that is situated on the estate. The venue seats approximately 120 guests with a variety of options to make your wedding day unforgettable.

“In support of this great initiative, ATB has great confidence in the Managing Director, Lynnqwinda Scott who will persui this dream with the aim of reshaping the Africa’s tourism sector” .

“The begining of 2023 ushers in a new era to most of our members and we are convinced that our sector is the most resilient”, said Cuthbert Ncube, President, African Tourism Board.

The Waverley Hills Tasting Room will be opened from Monday – Sunday 10:00 – 16:00 and Sunday 11:00 – 15:00.

The wine business will be carried out under Beverage Network South-Africa, trading as Waverley Hills Pty. Ltd.

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