The Vibes World in Africa, an Achievement of ATB

The stride into the most promising continent in the world – Africa by the Vibes World from Lebanon could be described as magical, timing and a huge success from the onset.

What then seems more pleasing is the part played by the African Tourism Board -the leading tourism organization operating within Africa with a global presence aiming at fostering, advancing and positioning the continent for the best yet to come.

Meeting in Kigali

The whole idea to have the CEO of Vibes World Mr. Yehia Elhajj in Kigali was at the instance of ATB aimed at connecting businesses from other parts of the world to Africa, opening up more to the outside world as well and ultimately marketing our entire 55 Member States to the global community.

At the Rwanda Tourism Week 2022, when Mr. Elhajj participated in the ATB Partnered event which happened to be one of the best of its kind in terms of MICE tourism in 2022, a decision was arrived at on the urgent need for Vibes World to domicile part of its business in Africa.

Prior MoU between ATB and Vibes World

Prior to this invitation, an MoU hab been signed between VW and ATB which necessitated business to business collaboration and definitely the invitation. As the saying goes, the rest is now history and success is in the making for Vibes World and the African Tourism Board being true partners in progress.

About Vibes World

“The Vibes World is a 6-year-old name in the Travel & Tourism Industry. The organization was initially formed to accommodate customer needs in the b usiness-to-business travel trade, but it’s been present in the tourism sector for over 20 years which allows us to better understand the needs and requirements of the industry leading to a greater vision that focuses on customer values, excellent service, and investment in travel technology, aiming at achieving sustainable tourism through learning and development. At The Vibes World, we are on a mission to Elevate tourism in every direction”, Elhajj said.

Hon. Cuthbert Ncube, President African Tourism Board with Mr. Yehia Elhajj, CEO, Vibes World at Marriott, Kigali

“At the African Tourism Board, our focus is to say, Africa is the right place for investment opportunities, and we are well positioned strategically to ensure that all our activities are geared towards achieving that dream of making Africa a one choice destination in the world. Our partnership with Vibes World is one of such giant strides and we will continue to make greater efforts at projecting our beautiful continent’s potential in all sense of it”, Cuthbert Ncube, President ATB also said.

Why Africa?

Africa is a rare touristic gem due to its unique combination of natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and diverse range of experiences it offers to visitors and home to some of the world’s most spectacular wildlife and landscapes, as well as a wide range of cultural and historical sites.

The continent offers a unique opportunity to combine responsible and sustainable tourism with conservation, community development and cultural preservation.

All of these facts aligned with the Vibes World’s mission, vision, and goals making the organisation eager to take part in an effort at promoting & sustaining tourism in Africa by implement activities and projects that would not only increase and enhance the uniqueness of the destination while ensuring sustainable tourism practices but serve as a spring board to launching the best tourism experiences, post Covid-19 era, using its network of travel trade partners worldwide to increase awareness about the destination and attracting visitors to explore and discover the beauty and richness of the most sought after continent in the recent times.

Choosing Rwanda as Vibes World hub

Rwanda is often considered a model for sustainable tourism in Africa, developing responsible and sustainable tourism practices that benefit both the environment and local communities, with a commitment to conservation is one of our targets at Vibes World.
Overall, Rwanda’s sustainable tourism model serves as an example of how responsible and sustainable tourism practices can benefit both the environment and local communities played a major role in arriving at our decision to establish the Vibes World Africa in Kigali.

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